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    Task Monitoring

    There are two ways to view tasks:

    The website is the easiest for quickly viewing all active tasks, however not as helpful for understanding your task directly.

    Using the CLI, you can access a task directly, however it will require a hash of the task. You obtain the hash at the creation of each task (as noted in task creation).

    Once you have a task hash, you can use the following command to retrieve the current status and other configurations:

    croncat task r2JvrGPvDkFUuqdF4x1+L93aYKGmgp4GqXT4UAK3AE4=

    This is just a shortcut for the method available using NEAR CLI as well:

    near view manager_v1.croncat.testnet get_task '{"task_hash": "r2JvrGPvDkFUuqdF4x1+L93aYKGmgp4GqXT4UAK3AE4="}'