Task Creation


Create a one-time task

When creating a task that's meant to execute once, we use the Interval type of Once.

CronCat tasks can have simple criteria (eg. execute my task at the future block height 123456789, or when a given timestamp is reached) or more event-driven criteria. The latter utilizes the "if-this-then-that" capabilities of CronCat, and means the task will populate the fields queries and/or transforms. For the purpose of this example, we'll stick to the simpler task.

Create from How
CosmWasm Cross-contract calls through CosmWasm messages or submessages
Frontend Typically using the CosmJS dependencies, containing many helpers
NodeJS CosmJS is again excellent for this use case.

Note: when a task is created, it will return data that's a TaskExecutionInfo struct, providing useful information. This can be used by a frontend or inside a CosmWasm contract's Reply entrypoint and stored, if you wish.

See an example

Check out an example here.