Join Croncat

Croncat is forging the path to a fully autonomous & sustainable utility for applications on blockchain. We need your help to innovate the scheduled transaction layer, push the boundaries of automated staked profits and grow the network of applications & agents using croncat.

For Applications & Developers

If you want to utilize croncat in your dApp or project: Start Here

If you want your deployed contract to directly schedule cron tasks: Read More

For Commanders (Growth Hackers)

Commanders will be responsible for creating network effects by the following avenues:

  • Post promotional materials for onboarding applications, agents and other commanders.
  • Produce creative pieces (video, blog, social post) that highlight and encourage cron use cases, potential functionality & more.
  • Recruit applications and agents to utilize cron.

Becoming a croncat commander has great benefits:

  • monthly stipend via DAO
  • exclusive access
  • swags & NFT

If you want to run croncat agent and earn rewards: Apply Here

For Agents

Agents are the life-blood of croncat. Agents are responsible for executing tasks in a timely manner, maintaining high uptimes by not missing tasks and receive rewards for each task.

Becoming a croncat agent has great benefits:

  • rewards for executing tasks
  • swags & exclusive NFT

If you want to run croncat agent and earn rewards: Start Here