Agent Changelog

1.6.4. Daemon Helper, Process Updates

Updates: Daemon now reports the CLI commands for finishing install Added more process exits to allow better handling of auto-restart


1.6.3. CLI Features & Config


  • Added new CLI command croncat daemon, see for details
  • Added configurations for RPCs, see for details
  • Fixed slack provider for .env variables


1.6.1. RPC Error Handling

Issues with RPC connections on testnet and guildnet continue, covering more cases for errors happening.


1.6.0. Stability, Typos & UX

Patch Release


  • #24 Which caused crashing on intermittent RPC data
  • #17 RPC Issues


  • #23 Added more details to status, thank you @bentleybm
  • #21 typo
  • #20 typo
  • #18 Optional params for when .env is used


1.5.2. Croncat CLI

Added the following Features:

  • Configuration updates in .env file! You can now specify to allow Beta Features (more on that soon), failover RPCs, and more.
  • Logging Update: Added Network information so you know which network the agent is actually on.